SRARNZ NZ Lizards Conservation Toolkit

The SRARNZ NZ Lizards Conservation Toolkit is a comprehensive resource developed for the conservation management of the lizards of New Zealand.

The Toolkit includes primers on:

  • The conservation and resource management legislation in place for lizards and their habitats;
  • Standardized surveying and monitoring methodologies;
  • Predator/pest control, habitat management, translocation practices and funding options for the benefits of lizards; and,
  • Further resources, including sources of further information, organisations and key contacts, and references.

We were contracted to prepare this Toolkit, along with our colleagues, Peter Anderson (project leader, Auckland Council), Simon Chapman (Boffa Miskell) and Keith Corbett. This project was funded by the Biodiversity Advice Fund, which are managed by the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

To download the full SRARNZ NZ Lizards Conservation Toolkit as one document, please click the link below. Be aware this is a 4.3 mb file.

SRARNZ NZ Lizards Conservation Toolkit

For those who want to download each section separately, you can use the following links instead. This will mean a smaller download for each file: