"Trent and his team are the experts in New Zealand lizard surveys, AEEs, and management programmes. His advice in relation to lizard assessment and mitigation under the RMA is accurate, well-informed, practicable, and focused on ensuring best practice outcomes." – Jamie Steer, GWRC

“I have found Trent to be an extremely motivated individual who undertakes his work with a high degree of professionalism. His survey work is thorough and robust scientifically, and the reports he produces are of a high standard. Trent is passionate about his work and his depth of knowledge of skinks and geckos and their ecology is unrivalled. His knowledge, experience and reputation nationally are reflected in the range of projects he has been engaged in for public and private sector clients. The type of work I am aware Trent undertakes includes region wide and site specific lizard surveys, taxonomic studies, habitat assessments, post translocation monitoring and formulation of mitigation programmes. Trent exhibits the high level of professional integrity in the way he undertakes his work. Trent has been responsible for raising awareness of lizard conservation through his project work and especially the requirements of the Wildlife Act 1953. I have been impressed with the manner that Trent has managed to educate clients and environmental consultants in overcoming this lack of awareness and at times dismissive attitude towards the value of lizards in some sectors. While this process has been at times frustrating to Trent, his personality, drive and passion has engendered a greater understanding and acceptance of the importance of lizards as part of our biodiversity.” – Simon Beale, Senior Ecologist, MWH

“I worked with Trent on the Mt Cass Windfarm project. This project was contentious, and effects on herpetofauna were an important component of the assessment. Trent's produced some really excellent work (both in survey design, implementation and statistical analysis), and he also proved able to communicate all this very effectively as an expert witness. His involvement gave the client strong, clear direction in terms of management requirements to minimise adverse effects, enabling a positive result with regard to obtaining consent for the project.” – Sarah Flynn, Senior Ecologist, Boffa Miskell

“Trent and EcoGecko have proven themselves to be among the most organised of consultants MainPower have worked with at the Mt Cass site. This was evident on the very first day with Trent knowing exactly where he wanted to go (on a very large and complex site) and what he wanted to see when he got there. It has continued through to recent population survey work requiring the assembly of teams of skilled and enthusiastic gecko wranglers who are willing to work long hours in all weathers and well away from home. I look forward to the continued involvement of Team EcoGecko as we secure the future of Waitaha gecko (and other lizards) at Mt Cass.” – Andrew Hurley, Generation Manager, MainPower New Zealand Limited

“Trent has provided expert herpetological advice on three separate projects for me over the last four years, where high quality specialist advice was needed. From my work with Trent it is clear that he possess a very impressive knowledge of New Zealand’s lizard fauna and its ecology. I am also impressed with this ability to communicate his knowledge to others. His written work is of the highest standard and I was impressed with his presentation to the New Zealand Ecological Society Conference in 2011. I hold Trent in high regard in his capacity as an expert in New Zealand’s herpetology.” – Adam Forbes, Principal Ecologist, Forbes Ecology

“Trent and his team are well respected in the herpetology field, which made EcoGecko an easy choice. EcoGecko lived up to their reputation delivering a complete, professional report within the required timeframes.” – Ian Wallace, Environmental Projects Leader, Winstone Aggregates