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Staff Profile
Trent Bell
Director/ Principal Herpetologist.

Trent was formerly based at Landcare Research from 2004—2009, as a Research Technician/Herpetologist. Trent developed the NZ Lizards Database, is the editor of BioGecko journal, has published 20 lizard-related papers in peer-reviewed journals and produced over 100 technical reports to stakeholders.

Trent has considerable experience in field work with lizards, having worked across the length and breadth of New Zealand and on several remote offshore islands.

Trent is a member of the Society for Research on Amphibians and Reptiles in NZ (SRARNZ).


Trent is a Certified Environmental Practictioner - Ecology Specialist (Herpetology, Environmental Impact Assessment, Scientific/Conservation Research involving Herpetofauna).

contact: [email protected], 027 284 7788